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Q. What are Concessions?
A. Concessions are best described as free rent values. Landlords and buildings offer weeks and sometimes months free as well as additional “Look and Leases,” which vary in amounts. These are generally offered on your initial Lease Term.

Q. Are Concessions handled the same, everywhere?
A. No. Concessions are always handled differently with the various ownership groups and management companies.

Q. How are they handled at 200OC?
A. At 200OC, the concessions are applied to the renter’s account at the beginning of the lease. The account will not allow you to carry a balance so they must be used up-front. If you are looking to pay the effective rate, you’ll continue to pay rent each month into a separate bank account at your personal bank. By doing this, you can essentially pull from this escrow account and supplement each month.

Q. What Lease terms do you offer at 200OC?
A. The Owner would prefer leases ending May 30 2022 and August 30, 2022 however we will present all offers. Leases shorter than 12 months do not qualify for free rent specials.

Q. Where are the Floorplans?
A. Floorplans can be found on

Q. Where are video tours?
A. Select video tours can be found on Vimeo Password = 617200

Q. How much is parking?
A. Garage parking on-site is $250/mo however street parking in the neighborhood is very easy and I’m happy to share information with you if you’d like on how to obtain a street permit which is free through the City. We cannot at this time rent more than one space per apartment home. We will take a waitlist and later offer second spaces to those who have requested them.

Q. What utilities do I pay for?
A. 200OC is a brand new building so per energy efficiency standards, electricity usage is billed to the tenant based on usage.

Q. Do I need Renter’s Insurance?
A. Yes

Q. Are you offering in-person tours?
A. Yes

Q. I’m looking for Summer / Fall of 2021. Can I reserve for that date?
A. As 200OC is brand new, we are leasing up. We can offer a June 30th move in date at the latest that qualifies with free rent specials OR August and September with NO free rent specials.

Q. When should I check back in if I want to reserve for the Fall but need free rent specials in order to move forward?
A. My best advice is to restart your search 90-120 days in advance of your Lease start date. That’s when we’ll have availability and potentially free rent specials.

Q. Do you offer a waitlist?
A. Not at this time.

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